Real Estate Professional

Real Estate Professional

As an Real Estate Professional you’re in a great position to help maximise your clients’ year end, after tax return – by using experienced, qualified and specialists. For those with property investments, whether they are residential or commercial, Northwind can prepare a property depreciation schedule which will ensure a compliant and maximised return.

Northwind Quantity Surveyors is a Registered Quantity Surveying Firm that specialises in preparing Tax Depreciation Schedules for Investment Properties to maximise Tax Claims for investors. Our team consists of dedicated Registered Quantity Surveyors who have the relevant knowledge and experience in the field of Tax Depreciation.

If your clients who invest in property are not maximising their property tax depreciation claims, they’re probably missing out.

A brochure outlining tax depreciation services is attached for your convenience

Your clients will be looked after professionally…

Over the last 10 years, Northwind has worked with tax accountants just like you to help property investors save thousands of dollars every year. Our expertise is applied to both residential and commercial properties.

An easy to follow plan…

Our 20 page tax depreciation report is easy to follow and lists every item available for a deduction. It also gives you write-off amounts at any time for the next 40 years. It provides options on depreciation methods so that you have a choice to choose what is best for your client.

Accurate facts…

Rest assured at 201 points quality assurance system guarantees we catch every detail. Put a Quantity Surveyor on your team and protect your client’s investments.

What’s important for most Real Estate Professional is…

Working with one of the best in the business, you can be assured that you will be looked after professionally and get benefits by our team

  • Northwind offer presentation on Tax Depreciation to the sales team as well as educational materials such as video, ebook , article and newsletter.
  • Northwind can provide Indicative Tax Depreciation phase A for major projects that the company represent for the marketing purpose for free
  • Our Depreciation expert can be a guest speaker for Tax Depreciation on the event or an information night for your next event
  • Northwind offer Co- branded in materials such as brochure, website, landloard application form, newsletter and other material co-branded for your office.

Discover how to help your clients Maximize their cash flow return today!

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