Property Developer

Property Developer

Indicative depreciation schedule as part of your marketing package

Some potential property investors rely on indicative depreciation reports when making decisions to purchase investment properties. You can sell your properties faster with Northwind Quantity Surveyors working with your team. Why not maximise your results by adding value to your prospective purchasers?

Tax savings you wouldn’t have thought possible for clients / buyers.

Make your properties more attractive by illustrating legal ATO tax depreciation deductions on your properties. Get started now.

Maximum savings now and forever

As registerred with the Australian Institute of Building (AIB), the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), the Building Commission and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), we know the science of building and know-how to give purchasers the peace of mind for maximum deduction across all components of their property investment. Additionally Northwind Quantity Surveyors provides ongoing advice for free to insure your purchasers fully maximise their property investment throughout its life.

Quality Assurance for your purchasers

Rest assured at 201 points quality assurance system guarantees we catch every detail. Put a Quantity Surveyor on your property development team and make it easier to sell your properties.

A complete service

Property research is performed for free to save your purchasers time. Northwind will cover all the unique property details, from start to finish and long afterwards. (excludes document fees from councils or titles office.)

A quantity surveyor you can trust

Our highly qualified team has completed over 1,000’s of schedules for both domestic and commercial properties. We are fully compliant and informed of the latest ATO rullings. Northwind’s director are hands-on across all projects and are always accessible to you.

Services We Provide

From Construction Cost Consulting to Property Tax Depreciation, you will relax knowing we have all your projects covered.

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Property Tax Depreciation

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Construction Cost Consulting

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Project Management


We’ve saved thousands of others, now it’s your turn.