Commercial Property Owners

Owning commercial premises
When you buy or obtain a commercial property such as a shop, factory or office – it’s important to keep your records right from the start.

As a landlord, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction for depreciation and capital works on any improvements you make to a property.

A depreciation deduction claim is related to depreciating assets that are not affixed to the building and are functional units in their own right. The claim is based on the effective life of that specific asset.

A capital works deduction claim relates to the building and structural improvements that are permanently affixed to the land and building. The claim is generally limited to 2.5% p.a. on the construction expenditure.

Maximise your savings now and forever
Northwind are registered with the Australian Institute of Building (AIB), the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), the Building Commission and the Australian Tax Office (ATO). We know the science of building and can give you the peace of mind for maximum deductions across all components of your property investment. Additionally Northwind provides ongoing advice for free, insuring you are fully maximising your property investment.
An easy to follow report
Our 20 page tax depreciation report is easy to follow and provides a comprehensive list of every item available for a deduction. It also provides any write-off amounts that may occur at any time in the next 40 years. It provides your accountant with options on depreciation methods so that together you can choose what option is best for your circumstances.
Accurate facts for you and your accountant
Rest assured, our 201 points quality assurance system guarantees we capture every detail accurately. Put a Northwind Quantity Surveyor on your team today and protect your investments.

A complete service
Property research is performed for free to save you time. We work with you to cover all the details of unique property, from start to finish and long afterwards.
A Quantity Surveyor you can trust
Our highly qualified team has completed over 1,000’s of schedules for both domestic and commercial properties. We are fully compliant and informed of the latest ATO rullings. Northwind’s director is hands-on across all projects and is always accessible to you.
An approach customised to your needs
Photos, floorplans and subdivision plans are included in your report that no additional fee — plus all information is kept on a database and available to you at any time.
Insurance Building Replacement Valuation Report
As most buildings are under-insured, information used in preparing the tax depreciation schedule can be effectively used for the subsequent preparation of insurance replacement cost assessments.
Maximise your Tax Claim This Year
Prepare to be surprised by our low and fully deductible fee. Plus we Money Back Guarantee that if your tax deduction of the first full year is not double our fee, will completely refund your money.

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